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Holiday Gift Shop, Local, Santa's Secret Shop

New Option Coming Soon- details about our new On-Line Gift Catalog Shopping for a Virtual Holiday Shop Experience. This is a great option for schools that have limited access to Volunteers and space - or schools who cannot have interrupted instructional time.

Santa Secret shop, how it works

How it Works

Make the holidays extra special for your school’s children with the gift shop program that lets children experience the thrill of “secretly” buying gifts for family and friends.

In School Holiday Gift Shop, Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

 Don’t you usually “shop around” to be sure you’re getting the Best Deal… Customer Service, Quality, Value and Price? Fun Services provides you with everything needed for a successful “Shop” that is “Fun” for your students.

Holiday Gift Shop gifts, gift line

View Gifts

Your gift line is hand selected each year-so there is always new and exciting gifts for your students year after year. These gifts are kid priced and parent approved for the best quality Holiday Gift Program.

Toys for Tots Logo

Toys for Tots

Now Partnering with Toys for Tots. Now your school can give back to your local community along with doing a service for your students and/or earning funds for your school! 🙂

11 Easy Steps to Holiday Fun!

Step 1, #1 Holiday Gift Shop

This is a fun kid-friendly program!  It has become a tradition at so many schools over the years.

Step 2, Choose week for Holiday Gift Shop

You choose the dates that work best for your school and calendar.

Popular choices are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd week of December.

Step 3,No inventory School Holiday Shop

You will be doing a “no counting of inventory” program! You don't have to count gift merchandise in or out.

Step 4, Choose Profit level

If you are running a gift shop as a service to your students, you may prefer a 0% or 10% profit level. If you would like to earn more money for your school, go with the 20% or 30% profit level. 

Step 5, Choose cash register, scanning cash register App

You can choose a cash register, scanning App or both. Our scanning App does not require Wi-Fi once downloaded and signed in to use.

Step 6, promotional supply box

Your Promotional Supply Box arrives with everything you need to start planning your shop, including…Step by Step Promotional Guide, full color Parent Letters , Money Envelopes, and Posters.

Step 7, Gather Volunteers for Santa Secret Shop

Volunteers will help your shop run smoothly. They are there to help guide the students through choosing the perfect gifts for the special people in their lives.

Step 8, Fun Service's drivers will hand deliver your merchandise

Fun Services Drivers will hand deliver your merchandise to the classroom of your choice.  You will also receive an instructional packet, tablecloths, door banners, scanning & price table labels for each item, cash register, shopping bags to carry gifts home and our shiny mylar self-sealing “To/From” gift bags for each item purchased.

Step 9, Next Day Reorders

If you run low on certain items or supplies you can can fax, email or call us on our toll free 800# to place a reorder. All reorders will be delivered next morning.

Step 10, Calculate your Holiday Gift Shop Bill

 We provide an easy daily sales worksheet for you to fill out that walks you through this process. You can also call us for assistance.

Step 11, Free Pick up

Fun Services will pick up any unsold merchandise, supplies and of course your check for payment! That’s it, you’re done although we do include a short questionaire if you wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with us.

Learn More About The Program

Fun Services In-School Holiday Gift Shops are a no-risk program where you only pay for what you sell. No payment is due until after your sale is finished. There is no inventory to count in or count out, and you can

re-order merchandise daily during your sale!

No Risk – No Hidden Fees - 50 years experience - Gifts Guaranteed

= No Worries!

Free Delivery & Pick Up, Free Daily Re-Orders, Free Promotional Items!

Signing Bonuses Available

Offers available while supplies last.