What size do I need?

• How many people will be at your event?
• Will they all be seated or will some be standing?
• What kind of seating arrangement will you be having?
• Do you need space for a dance floor? Band? Bar area?

Space Information

Cocktail Party (stand up)                     5-6 sq ft per person

Cocktail Party (some seated)                 8 sq ft per person

Reception (some seated)                         8 sq ft per person

Dinner (using round tables)                  12 sq ft per person

Dinner (using banquet tables)                8 sq ft per person

Cathedral Seating (in rows)                     6 sq ft per person

Dance Area                                              2-4 sq ft per person

Tent Accessories

We have a variety of accessories for tenting such as side curtains,
pole covers, lighting and cooling fans.

Carnival Booths

Carnival Booths are 10’ X 10’ canopy shade tents for use with
sideshows, ticket booths, midway games, vendors, etc.
There is also a swing booth without the canopy.

Tables & Chairs

We have 6' and 8' Rectangular Banquet Tables for rent.

We also have white folding plastic and metal economy chairs for rent.