Fun Services is the originator of the School Holiday Shopping Program and we have been perfecting this program for almost 50 years.  Our Santa's Secret Shop and Holiday Gift Shop are truly the best programs offered for your students!

Santa's Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop is an in-school holiday shopping experience for children, set up and operated by parent volunteers.  Children purchase gifts for family and friends in the safety and security of their own school or church while learning the importance of saving their money.  Not only do they experience the thrill of secretly buying gifts, they benefit from the practical lessons of budgeting, handling money and making decisions, but most of all, the pride and joy of gift giving.  All gifts are "kid-priced" and we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

There is never any risk for your school.  This program is 100% on consignment, so you only pay for the gifts that aren't returned at the end of your shop.  We will provide your school with a gift selection of about 125+ items.  Plus, you will receive, FREE, all of the promotional materials needed to have a fun and successful program! When your sale is over, we will pick up all un-sold gifts. You never pay delivery or shipping fees on the Santa's Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop program!

Fun Services created the concept of the Holiday Gift Shop almost 50 years ago!
Today there may be companies who offer similar programs, but as the saying goes,
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!”
We are the pioneers and nothing compares to the original!