FREE Promotional Supplies

Fun Services’ goal is to make running the Santa’s Secret Shop / Holiday Gift Shop as EASY and fun as possible for you.

FREE Take Home Flyers

Colorful bilingual flyers are sent home with your children to announce the shop’s coming. The flyer has space to customize information for your school’s program. Promotional materials come with the logo you choose (Santa’s Secret or Holiday Shop).

FREE Money Envelopes

Envelopes for each student to be used by the parents and your volunteers to aid in gift selection.

FREE Mylar Gift Bags

Decorative bags in 4 sizes provide colorful gift wrapping so that gifts remain a secret. Bags are self-sealing and will not tear.


Shopping Bags

FREE Carry Home Shopping Bags

A larger plastic shopping bag with convenient handles to take home all their secret purchases.

FREE Tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths decorated with the colorful logo you choose (Santa’s Secret or Holiday Shop).

FREE Pricing Labels

Pre Printed stickers to put on your display tables. Each sticker has a price code and dollar amount on it.



FREE Posters

Large, colorful posters are provided for display in your school. Space is provided on the posters for you to write in the day and time of your shop.

FREE Use of a Cash Register

A cash register preprogrammed with your profit margin to make check out a breeze. 



FREE Guidebook

A detailed how-to-guide walks you step by step through your entire program.