The Santa’s Secret Shop®

160_santabear_1_Holiday Gift Shop® is a program where you and your volunteers set up a “gift store” at your school. Students can purchase gifts for family and friends in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment. Children learn the importance of saving money and can plan their purchases in a positive learning environment.

We will provide your school with a gift selection of 125 items or more, all on consignment. You will select your profit of 0%, 10%, 20% or 30%. We will provide you with all your promotional materials such as letters home to the parents (also offered in bi-lingual) as well as posters, tablecloths, mylar gift bags, plastic shopping bags and a programmed cash register.


Q: Is there a difference between Santa’s Secret Shop and Holiday Gift Shop merchandise?

A: No. The gift merchandise is the same regardless of what you call your shop. The only difference will be the design on the promotional materials you receive.

Q: What profit margin should I choose?

A: This is entirely up to you and your organization. You can decide to make your program a service project, a profit making fundraiser or a combination of both.

Q: What is the price range of the merchandise?

A: Our prices range from 25¢ to $11.50 school cost. Depending on the profit margin you select the prices to the student are 25¢ to $16.50.


Q: How much merchandise do we receive?

A: Based upon the size of your school and if you have run a shop in the past, we will determine the quantity of merchandise we deliver to you. This is why we ask if you have ever run a shop before and an estimate of how much merchandise you sold. You will receive over 125 different items and, of course, a quantity of each of those.

Q: Can we get a cash register to use for our shop?

A: Yes, cash registers are available for use. Our cash registers are easy to use and are preprogrammed with the profit level that you choose.

Q: What happens if we run low of merchandise?

A: As with any “store”, some things are going to sell quickly…simply fill out the reorder sheet we provide for you and fax your order in by 3p.m. so that you will be guaranteed next morning delivery by us.

Q: Can we put other merchandise in our shop to sell besides Fun Services?

A: No. Fun Services has spent a lot of time and money to secure merchandise for you to have in your Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop. The only exceptions to the rules are if you were to have homemade, craft type items.


Q: What do we do at the end of our shop?

A: Simply place items back in as few boxes as possible, place cash register in box along with check to Fun Services, call us and we will schedule a time for pick up of returned merchandise.

Q: What about broken or damaged items?

A: Fun Services will always replace any broken or damaged gift, no questions asked, even after your shop is over.

Q: How do I calculate my bill?

A: Simply take your daily deposits from your shop and total those up. Then you will minus the amount of profit you selected. Your profit will be for you to keep, the balance will be what you send to Fun Services. We provide a daily sales worksheet for you to fill out that walks you through this process. Remember to put your check in the cash register drawer for our driver to pick up when your shop is over. Failure to do this may result in loss of any bonus being offered to you. If you are uncertain on figuring your bill, call Fun Services and we will walk you through the procedure.

When a question or concern comes up, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 770-607-8300 or 1-800-200-4FUN. You will find during the Holiday Season that we are here from early morning till late in many cases and your questions or concerns are important to us.

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